Our Story

Illustration: Doug sits in an armchair with Rupert on his lap. Doug smiles as Rupert licks his face affectionately.

Written by Douglas Vallgren and illustrated by Karl Newson, both from Norwich, Norfolk, Rupert the Dinosaur was published in November 2013.

Rupert the Dinosaur was first thought up many, many years ago when Douglas Vallgren was reading a bedtime story to his daughter...

Bored of hearing the same old Billy Goat Gruff over and over again, she asked her Dad to tell her a new story... and Rupert was born.

Whilst contemplating what he could get his daughter for her 18th birthday, he remembered the story, and shortly afterwards got in touch with Karl to see if it could be made into a picture book.

Now Rupert is available for all to share, making bedtime fun again...

...and now, picking up where Rupert the Dinosaur on the Allotment left off comes the wackiest story yet...Rupert the Dinosaur on Dinosaur Planet.

So, do we grown ups know all the answers? Are the scientists always right? A fun story that turns our theories on their heads. Are dinosaurs extinct? Or are they just light years ahead of us?