Illustration: Rupert the Dinosaur book cover
£6.99 + £1.75 P&P
Illustration: Rupert the Dinosaur on the Allotment book cover
£6.99 + £1.75 P&P
Illustration: Rupert the Dinosaur on Dinosaur Planet book cover
£6.99 + £1.75 P&P

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Grownup's Guide

Three vibrant children's books, each telling their own story yet creating one whole adventure.

Created by Doug Vallgren and illustrated by Karl Newson, each book is packed with fun and bumpy rides and rich, vibrant illustrations. The books make fun bedtime stories, yet also weave in educational elements that all grown ups, parents, grandparents and teachers alike can explore with children.

Perfect from age 2 to 8. Starting with Rupert the Dinosaur, the books grow with your little ones, making great reading that will be treasured for years come.

Rupert The Dinosaur

Meet Rupert!

A long, long time ago, different creatures walked our planet Earth. One of these nice, small dinosaurs was called Rupert. Rupert lived happily in the deep, dense forests that covered the Earth. And that is where his story begins...

£6.99 + £1.75 P&P

Rupert The Dinosaur on the Allotment

Modern day survival adventures!

From forest to field, allotment to farm, Rupert and his friends search for food only to find themselves saving the day. Then, tired from their adventures, they nod off into a hibernating sleep, until...

£6.99 + £1.75 P&P

Rupert The Dinosaur on Dinosaur Planet

Blast off!!!

Here, even grown ups will start to question our theories of gravity, space travel and... loft insulation! Discover how the dinosaurs not only survived meteors but put them to good use!

£6.99 + £1.75 P&P